Video Tutorials


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An introduction to iolite

This video tutorial covers a range of topics, from navigating the iolite interface to the basics of data reduction using iolite. The file used in this tutorial is available here.



Automatic selections

This video tutorial shows in detail how to use the Automatic Selections function to quickly and easily add integration periods to the baseline, reference materials and samples. The files used in this tutorial are available here.



How to load Nu Plasma .run and .txt files in iolite 3

A quick tutorial on how to load time resolved .run and .txt files from Nu Plasma instruments into iolite 3. In iolite 3, we use a “Nu format file” because the old way of reading information in the associated .nrf file was inconsistent and could get your channel names wrong, depending on your collector configuration. This new approach is independent of your collector configuration and is quick and easy to set up.




Create images from selections

Video tutorial on how to create image maps that show the compositional variation across a sample. The files used in this tutorial are available here.



If you have any questions about these tutorials, please post to the iolite forum.