Supported instruments

  • Nu Plasma first generation MC-ICPMS: Iolite will import Nu ‘.run’ files.
  • Nu Plasma .csv files
  • Nu Plasma .txt files (multi-cycle files still in beta)
  • Nu AttoM: Iolite will import AttoM .csv files
  • Bruker (Varian) 800 series: Iolite will import ‘iso.prn’
  • Agilent 4500/7500/7700: Iolite will import Agilent .csv files.
  • Thermo X-series: Iolite will import X-Series .csv files.
  • Perkin Elmer Elan : Iolite will import Perkin Elmer .xl files
  • Thermo Neptune, Element2 and Triton data: Iolite will import .fin2 files
  • Spectro MS: Iolite will import Spectro ‘.tad’ files
  • Thermo iCapQ: iCapQ exports Iolite universal files, which were developed in collaboration between ThermoFisher and the Iolite team.
  • Los Gatos Research Water vapor isotope analyzer: Iolite will import LGR ‘.txt’ files
  • Any other mass spectrometer that exports the “Iolite Universal filetype (.csv)”


Software license

The software is owned by Iolite and protected by international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.

Hardware & software requirements

Iolite runs as a series of Igor Pro procedures. Igor Pro is a sophisticated data visualisation program that works on both Windows and Mac OS X machines. If you do not already own a copy of Igor Pro, you can purchase an Igor Pro license packaged with Iolite. You must install Igor Pro before installing Iolite.

Most modern PC and Mac computers are able to run iolite and Igor Pro. For larger datasets, a recent PC or Mac will usually have enough RAM etc to efficiently process your data.

Screen size is an issue though. You need a screen resolution of at least 1280 x 680. You may install iolite on a laptop with less resolution, but unless you use an external monitor, you may not fit all of iolite’s controls (buttons, dialogs, etc) on the screen.

For full installation instructions, please see our Installation Guide page.


Custom development

Iolite’s developers are available to create custom solutions on a contract basis. Please contact us at if you have any great ideas you’d like to see made real.