Sneak preview of 3D imaging in iolite

We’re working hard to bring you robust 3D imaging capabilities in iolite. We’re working with a range of scientists to bring best practice to LA-ICP-MS 3D imaging, and to that end, we’ve consulted with neuroscientists, biologists and geoscientists. The current plan is for iolite to do all the data preparation, and 3D volume reconstruction. You will also be able to select voxels (volume pixels) based on a unique multi-criteria process. We then envisage users either using the basic 3D rendering options in iolite, or using iolite to export a 3D object to be used with a more specialised 3D visualisation program, such as Paraview. We’ve been using Paraview for development, because it’s free, pretty powerful and makes lovely images.

Here’s one image we produced using our test dataset, our prototype in iolite, and rendered using Paraview. It highlights high-Zn regions (green) within a mouse brain (light grey), after 3D volume reconstruction.


Below is a short clip of the prototype we’ve been working on. We hope to have it released shortly after Goldschmidt.

Iolite 3D prototype demo


The iolite team