Upgrade Notes

Iolite v3.6 is compatible with both Igor Pro 6.37 and Igor Pro 7.

The Igor Pro 7 upgrade is available for free to existing Igor Pro 6.37 users who purchased Igor Pro from us after November 1, 2015. An email containing the Igor Pro 7 activation details has been sent to all eligible users. Please make sure to check the Igor Pro 7 system requirements before upgrading. If you think you are eligible for an upgrade to Igor Pro 7 but have not received your activation details, please contact us to sales@iolite-software.com.

Customers who bought Igor Pro 6 before November 1,  2015  can order the upgrade from Wavemetrics. For more information regarding the price of the upgrade and eligibility criteria visit the Wavemetrics website.

If you are a new iolite user, visit this page for detailed instructions on how to install this version.

Known issues

If you are currently using iolite_v3.4 or earlier, you cannot upgrade to version 3.6 using the Iolite menu (iolite > About iolite > Check for Updates). To upgrade to this version please follow the steps below:

  1. Open iolite and deregister your current version (iolite > About iolite > Deregister iolite). Igor Pro will close.
  2. Then go to:

On Windows, C:\Users\[Your User Home]\My Documents\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro 7 User Files\Igor Procedures

On Mac, Applications\Igor Pro 7 Folder\Igor Procedures

and delete any iolite related files there. There should be three shortcut files to delete.

  1. Download the iolite_v3.6.zip file from here and install this version following these instructions.
  2. Register this version using your license key (the one you deregistered in step 1).

If you are currently using iolite_v3.5, you can use the Iolite menu (iolite > About iolite > Check for Updates)  to upgrade to this version.


If you tried to upgrade to this version using the ‘Check for Updates’ menu option but this did not work, it is recommended that you install the iolite_v3.6.zip file following the steps described above.

What’s New

Visit this page for a full list of new features and bug fixes.

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