Upgrade Notes

Known issues

On Windows, you cannot upgrade to version 3.5 using the Iolite menu (iolite > About iolite > Check for Updates). To upgrade to this version please follow the steps below:

  1. Open iolite and deregister your current version (iolite > About iolite > Deregister iolite). Igor Pro will close.
  2. Then go to C:\Users\[Your User Home]\My Documents\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro 6 User Files\Igor Procedures and delete any iolite related files there. There should be three shortcut files to delete.
  3. Download the iolite_v3.5.zip file from here and install this version following these instructions.
  4. Register this version using your license key (the one you deregister in step 1).

On Mac, you can use the Iolite menu (iolite > About iolite > Check for Updates)  to upgrade to this version. For this reason, there is no need to deregister your license key. However, there a few additional steps required before the upgrade is complete:

  1. Close Igor Pro and go to your iolite folder.
  2. You need to copy three DRS files, the X_Trace_Elements_IS.ipf, X_U_Pb_Geochron4.ipf and X_U_Pb_Hf_Isotopes.ipf,  from your newly created Version_3.5 > v3.5_Data Reduction Schemes subfolder (found within your iolite folder) to the Data Reduction Schemes folder, replacing so the existent files with the same name.
  3. Restart Igor Pro and then you are good to go.

If you have Custom DRS in your Data Reduction Schemes folder, you will have to temporarily move these to a different location (outside the iolite folder) if you wish to use the ‘Check for Updates’ menu option to upgrade to this iolite version.


If you tried to upgrade to this version using the ‘Check for Updates’ menu option but you forgot that you had custom DRS (or are using Windows) you can find the troubleshooting instructions here.

What’s New

Visit this page for a full list of new features and bug fixes.

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