More Iolite 2013 Workshop details

We’ve started preparing the Iolite 2013 Workshop, to be held in Florence, Italy, the weekend before the Goldschmidt Conference. Here is a brief list of some of the topics we will be covering:

  • An introduction to the Iolite data reduction flow
  • How to install and use Iolite
  • Loading and checking mass spec data in Iolite
  • Various data reduction examples (including trace elements and U-Pb geochronology)
  • How to use Iolite for solution analyses
  • Creating laser ablation images in Iolite
  • Error propagation and estimation
  • Creating and editing reference material files (i.e. how to use your own values for reference materials like NIST SRM 612 etc)
  • Creating and editing your own Data Reduction Schemes
If there’s anything you’d like covered, or would like more information about the topics outlined above, head over to the forum and ask away!
The Iolite Team