Last word from the Iolite Workshop 2013

To all those who attended our Iolite Workshop 2013 in conjunction with the V.M. Goldschmidt conference, thank you for coming!
It was great to see some really interested users from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of exposure to Iolite. The feedback we received was fantastic and we’re loaded with new ideas. We’re working towards getting some of these things ready for the next release (like the ability to synchronise data from two mass spectrometers), while other bigger changes will be incorporated into Iolite 3. We haven’t mentioned much yet on the blog about Iolite 3, but as the name suggests it will be a major upgrade – mainly to the user interface and workflow of Iolite – and more details will follow in future blog posts as development progresses.

Despite the heat (the aircon wasn’t working from the start of the workshop) and the timestamp issues (we’ve spoken to the relevant mass spec company), participants were enthusiastic and engaged. We also gained a lot from the discussion of open data and increasing data half-lives.

We have lots of big things planned for Iolite, and we also appreciate that if researchers are investing time in learning to use our software we have to ensure Iolite sticks around and remains relevant, so we’re working hard on keeping Iolite moving forward.

So a big thank you to all the participants, and to those who couldn’t make it this time, there will be more.

The Iolite Team