Iolite Workshop – sunday August 14, 2011

(Please note that registration has now closed for the 2011 workshop in Prague)

We’ll be running our first Iolite workshop in conjunction with the Goldschmidt conference in Prague later this year!

[Please note: registration is now open, see here for the latest post with details]

The workshop will be aimed at introducing Iolite to new users, and will focus on everything you need to know to get started processing your mass spec. data with Iolite, including:
— Importing your data
— How to get the most out of viewing data in Iolite
— Using the Report Window and X-Y Plot Window
— Selecting data and using different interpolation methods
— The basics of modifying an existing DRS

We intend to make it a very hands-on workshop, with participants working through example datasets on their own laptops, instead of just staring at powerpoint slides and handouts. There will of course still be amazingly stunning slides and mindblowingly brilliant handouts, but the hands-on stuff will be so much fun that they’ll just fade into insignificance by comparison…

There will be a bias towards laser ablation data in the workshop, particularly U-Pb zircon geochronology and trace element imaging, but we’ll also be covering solution mode ICPMS and TIMS data.

Note also that the workshop is being run in cooperation with the Detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology workshop, and will follow on in the same venue to make it easy on anyone wanting to attend both.

Finally, if you have requests or suggestions for other topics you’d like included in the workshop, feel free to comment on this post, or on our forum.