Iolite workshop: registration is now open

(Please note that registration has now closed for the 2011 workshop in Prague)

Registration for the Iolite workshop is now open!

Just as a quick reminder (the full original post can be found here), the workshop will be run in Prague on the 14th of August, 2011 (the sunday prior to Goldschmidt). It will be in the Prague Conference Center, which is the same venue as the conference, and will start at 1pm and run for 5 hours. To make life easy for anyone planning on attending both the detrital zircon UPb workshop and our Iolite workshop, we’ll be using the same venue, and will follow on directly from the UPb workshop with lunch, then start the Iolite session.

To register, please send an email to including the following information:
—Name (and title)
—Contact details (unless told otherwise, we’ll assume you want to use email address you mail from)
—Any comments or special requests
We will then reply to your email with an invoice and payment details.

Cost of the workshop is 30 € (euro) before July 14th, or 50 € (euro) after that date. The cost is per participant, including lunch and afternoon tea.

We encourage all participants to bring their own laptop, and if possible to install the latest versions of Iolite and IgorPro prior to the workshop (we will have install files with us on the day for those unable to pre-install).

For information about the detrital zircon UPb workshop (including registration) click here.