iolite version 3.31 is here!

Yes, we’ve finally released a new version of iolite, and with it comes a host of improvements and bug fixes since v3.1. Download it here.

This latest release includes the beta version of Chad’s Common Pb U-Pb DRS that was presented at Goldschmidt this year. It is still a beta version, but feel free to give it a try (we’ve already used it to get some interesting results). Because it is a beta version, we ask that you hold off publishing any values you calculate using it, and simply use it as a tester for the time being. Once it’s past the testing phase, you can publish as much data as you like using it.

Another big part of the new release is the ability to install and uninstall iolite on any internet connected computer. This way, you can have a floating licence arrangement or a spare licence for visitors who want to install iolite for a short while, but then you want to get their licence back when they’re done. It will mean that when you upgrade to version 3.31 you will be asked to re-enter you activation key, but if you don’t have the email with your activation key in it anymore, please let us know and we’ll send it to you.

Also new in version 3.31 is the new web updater. Up until now, every time a new version of iolite was released, you’d have to download and install the update manually. Well, now you can just go to the iolite menu and select Check for Updates and it will look on the web to see if a new version has been released. If there is a new version, it’ll download and install it for you. This will make it much easier for us to push out regular improvements to iolite.

There’s also a major overhaul of the Limits of Detection code, which has been completely reviewed by Joe, improvements and updates to the importers for a range of instruments, and CellSpace can now construct images where the laser spot is rectangular and rotating (also done by Joe). We’ve improved the speed of certain calculations, and iolite now handles international operating systems better (thanks to the patience of Margareth and Erica during the iolite workshop in Prague). So many reasons to download the new update!

Also in this new release is the new U-Pb + Hf DRS. This is for those who are split-streaming zircons to a multi-collector (Hf isotopes) and a quad (U-Pb ratios and ages). It has been kindly supported and paid for by Graham Pearson and the team at University of Alberta (with contributions from Chris Fisher at WSU) who saw the need for a combined DRS and paid for its development. If you have an idea for a feature you think would save your time or increase the quality of your data reduction process, please let us know.

Also, iolite can now be used for teaching. We offer a teaching licence for any officially recognised courses as part of a degree (sorry, we couldn’t convince the lawyers about workshops). Please contact us if you’d like to use iolite in your teaching.

And just in the way of iolite-related news: we’ll be holding another iolite workshop in conjunction with Goldschmidt in Japan next year. If you’ve already been to a workshop, don’t be afraid to attend another one. iolite has progressed so much there’s plenty still to learn, with new features such as Processing Templates to speed up your data reduction, new imaging features like the ECDF, and linked selections.


Get v3.31 from here!