iolite – QUT workshop a success!

Last week, we conducted an iolite workshop at QUT for around 20 participants. Experience levels ranged from absolute beginners to a few who have been using iolite for years. Luckily we were able to provide information for even the advanced users, as well as introducing some of the new features released in iolite v3.1. For those who were new to iolite, the feedback received so far has been that the workshop was great at getting past the initial obstacle of “getting a feel for iolite”.

Many, many thanks to Charlotte Allen who organised the entire workshop, and at very short notice. The venues were perfect, and lunch in the Brisbane botanic gardens on a sunny day is hard to beat!

If you’re interested in organising an iolite workshop, please contact us at


Brisbane Botanical Garden

Brisbane botanical gardens (Photo by Nam Nguyen)