Please note: this is for the old version of iolite (v3). The latest version of iolite can be obtained from

Installation and Registration

To start the installation process, please go to the Wavemetrics site and download the demo version of Igor Pro and complete the installation following the installer’s instructions. The demo is a fully functional version of Igor Pro that can be unlocked by entering the license details provided after purchasing iolite.


  • The latest iolite version (iolite_v3.7) is compatible with  Igor Pro 7.
  • iolite_v3.5 and earlier versions are not compatible with Igor Pro  7. You can download Igor 6.37 from here.
  • iolite is not compatible with Igor Pro 8.

To install iolite_v3:

  1. Download the zip file from the Free Trial download page and save the file to the ‘Igor Pro User Files’ folder found in Documents/Wavemetrics/Igor Pro User files/
  2. Extract the iolite_v3 folder.
  3. IMPORTANT: There is a file called EasyHTTP_xxx.xop (one for PC and one for Mac) within the iolite_v3 folder. Please move this file into the Igor Extensions folder found in Documents/Wavemetrics/Igor Pro User files/Igor Extensions

If you are using Igor Pro 7’s 64-bit architecture, move the corresponding EasyHTTP64.xop file provided within the easyHttp64 folder to the Documents/Wavemetrics/Igor Pro 7 User files/Igor Extensions (64-bit) folder.

  1. Once this file is in place, run Igor Pro.
  2. Once Igor has opened, go to File -> Open Experiment. . . and select the file called “Run me to install this version.pxp” which should now be in the iolite_v3 folder within Documents/Wavemetrics/Igor Pro User files/. This .pxp file will link iolite to Igor Pro and then close Igor Pro. You should now have a full installation of iolite.
  3. When you restart Igor Pro, you should be prompted to start a trial. Please start the trial. This will give you full access to all the functionality of the iolite application for 14 days.

To register iolite:

You will need an internet connection to register iolite. If you don’t have a working internet connection on the computer that iolite is installed on, please contact us at

  1. Go to the Iolite Menu and select “About iolite | Register iolite“.
  2. Enter your details along with the Iolite licence key, which should have been sent to you via email after purchasing an iolite license

Important Notes:

  • If you were using a previous trial version and this has now expired, you will have to uninstall that version of iolite before installing any upgrade. For more information on how to do this click here.
  • Some Mac users have reported issues with the EasyHTTP extension not working, getting the following error message: “easyHTTP_MAC Error.  Can’t load the executable file in the XOP package”. To fix this, just rename the easyHTTP_MAC.xop file to easyHTTP.xop.

The following video explains the installation and registration processes step-by-step:

How to install iolite