See your data at the scale of a whole day, or zoom in on individual time-slices. Visualisation allows researchers to quickly formulate and validate hypothesis, and to identify outliers and anomalies.


Made for large, time-resolved datasets (>106 datapoints), with advanced splining and interpolation techniques. A range of options gives you the power to obtain the best results possible.


Iolite has led the way with advanced downhole fractionation models, laser log files, CellSpace imaging, and MinMapping with lots more innovations coming soon.


The code that calculates your results is open source. Edit it, improve it, and share it with others, or write your own from scratch.


Iolite is constantly evolving, because research is not about sitting still. We are committed to continual improvement and the iolite team is constantly working with researchers from a range of disciplines to incorporate best practices.

Fast & adaptable

Click here to see which instruments are currently compatible with Iolite. Contact us if you don’t see your mass spec listed. Iolite is regularly updated and new features are continually added.