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Iolite version 3 brings a whole new user-interface and workflow to iolite. Now iolite is even easier to use, with a host of new features including laser ablation split-stream syncing capabilities, support for an even greater number of instruments, and advanced data analysis, not to mention a huge number of bug fixes since iolite v2.5.

To be considered a research user, we will verify that you are part of a degree-granting institution. To help with this verification, please use your institution’s email address. Otherwise there may be some delay in receiving your licence activation keys.

Please contact us at support@iolite-software.com to discuss group licence discounts (>4 users).

IMPORTANT NOTE: iolite is built on the Igor Pro application from Wavemetrics. You will need an Igor Pro licence to use iolite beyond the trial period (7 days). You can purchase an Igor Pro licence at the same time as iolite by selecting the “including single user Igor Pro licence” option below. Please contact us at support@iolite-software.com if you have any questions. Currently, Iolite is not compatible with the new version of Igor Pro, v7. You can download Igor 6.37 from http://www.wavemetrics.net/updaters63.html

Note: There is no difference in the feature content between the research and commercial versions. Research licence users will need to purchase new versions of iolite as it becomes available if they wish to upgrade (e.g. to iolite v4. Upgrades to iolite v3.x will be included).

You must have an active internet connection and administrator access for the computer where iolite will be installed during installation and registration. iolite can work offline after registration, but may need administrator access from time to time to change settings/standard files etc.

$1,740.00 – Add to Cart Excluding 10% tax
Release date:September 26, 2014
Last updated:March 13, 2017
Current version:3.5
Product type:iolite software
File format:.zip
File size:20MB
Requirements:Igor Pro 6.37
Price:$1,740.00 AUD