Standard files are .txt files that define the values Iolite applies to isotope concentrations and isotope ratios for different reference materials. These files can be found within the \Documents\Wavemetrics\Igor Pro User Files\iolite_v3\Standardsfolder on your computer. You can show the ‘Standards’ folder by going to the Iolite Menu item and selecting Display | Standardsfolder as shown in the figure below:

These standard files are also listed in the selection type pull-down menu found in the ‘Reference Materials’ tab.

You can use any of the existing standard files found within the ‘Standards’ folder as a template to create new standard .txt files. Just make sure that you change the name of the standard in the field “Standard Name” to match the name of the file as shown below:

Any additions or changes to existing standard files will be effective after restarting Igor Pro. However, if you want to add a standard file or use updated values for your standards in an existing experiment, use the Reset experiment option found in the Iolite Menu to reload all the standard values.