A new ‘File Setup’ option in the Channel Panel allows you to easily import channel-viewing preferences (e.g., visible channels, trace colours, scale, etc) from a file. This functionality is particularly useful if you tend to monitor particular element sets for particular sample and reference materials.

How does it work?

A setup file template is provided with the latest version (>v3.62) which can be downloaded from here. This file is called ‘ChannelSettings.csv’ and it can be found within the Other Files folder.

You can use this template to create a .csv file containing your preference settings. All the possible settings that you could customise appear in in the first column of the template. Do not modify the items listed in this column. Use the second column, labeled as ‘Preferences’ and indicated by red rectangle in the figure below, to set your preferences for each setting. Omit any/all that you don’t need.

The possible options as well as a description for each setting are listed in the third and fourth columns, respectively:

Once you have set your preferences using the template, you can save this as a new .csv file to your preferred location.

Note: You can set channel preferences for up to four channels using this ‘File Setup’ option.

To use your new ‘channel preferences’ file  just click the File Setup button found in the Channel Panel. You will be   immediately prompted to select a file (*.csv). Browse to your file and click open. iolite will read this file and apply the settings to the current tab.