3 new software packages

You can now purchase three different licences for iolite 3. If you are part of a degree-granting institution, you are eligible for our “academic licences”, of which there are two. If you are not part of a degree-granting institution, you will be required to purchase the full commercial version of iolite. We recognise that some labs will fall somewhere between these two extremes (e.g. government departments are not really full commercial operations, but also not usually part of a degree-granting institution) but we have had to draw the boundary somewhere. If iolite goes well, we may review this distinction in the future.


If you are an “academic” customer, you have two options. If you already own a full licence for Igor Pro, you can just purchase using the “Academic Users with Igor Pro” option. This is the most simple package and just contains iolite 3.  If you are new to iolite and don’t already own a copy of Igor Pro, you can purchase the combined “Academic user without Igor Pro” package which contains a single user licence for Igor Pro at a reduced rate compared with if you bought it directly from Wavemetrics. It also contains a full version of iolite 3.

All three packages have the same iolite features.

We are currently investigating site licenses, so if you use iolite throughout your lab, please contact us about site licence options.

The iolite team