Iolite Workshop 2014
7th and 8th of June

(Photo Credit: John Creech)

We will be holding an Iolite workshop this year in conjunction with the Goldschmidt conference in Sacramento, California. It will have a very similar format to last year’s workshop, but will include all the new features that will come with Iolite v3. We will also include sessions on our upcoming U-Pb DRS, our new 3D imaging module, as well as any other features developed before then. We start from the very basics, but by the end of the workshop, you should be able to write your own data reduction schemes, and know how Iolite stores all your data, and propagates errors.

So if you’re a new Iolite user, or an experienced Ioliter but would like to get the latest on Iolite’s ongoing development, come along and check it out. It’s also a great chance to speak with the Iolite team to get specific answers, or to discuss possible features in upcoming releases.

Seats will be limited to 50 participants, so get in early to make sure you don’t miss out! (Last year we were at capacity).

So, the details are:
Place: Sacramento Convention Center, 1400 J Street, Sacramento
Dates: 7 and 8th of June, 2014, 9am to 5pm (or earlier on Sunday to allow attendees to make it to the Goldschmidt icebreaker)
Cost: $300 for both days. $200 for students

What to bring: A laptop with a screen resolution greater than 1200 * 800, a power cable and mouse, IgorPro already installed (a trial version can be used for the workshop as long as it has not expired). Pens and paper.

Themes to be covered will include the following:

  • An introduction to the new Iolite 3 interface and data reduction flow
  • How to install and use Iolite
  • Loading and checking mass spec data in Iolite
  • Various data reduction examples (including trace elements and U-Pb geochronology)
  • How to use Iolite for solution analyses
  • Creating laser ablation images in Iolite
  • Error propagation and estimation
  • Creating and editing reference material files (i.e. how to use your own values for reference materials like NIST SRM 612 etc)
  • Creating and editing your own Data Reduction Schemes
Last year, we had everyone writing Iolite code by the end of the second day! If there’s anything you’d like covered, or would like more information about the topics outlined above, head over to the forum and ask away!

To register your spot in the workshop, please register via the TryBooking website.

Please note that this is an Iolite v3 workshop. Iolite v3 is a commercial version of Iolite. Workshop participants with be given a free, time-limited copy of Iolite v3 to work with during the course for those that do not already have a fully licensed version. The time-limited version will expire 1 month after the workshop.

We will send out more details regarding payment methods etc closer to the workshop date.

The Iolite Team