2018 iolite Imaging Summer School

The iolite 2018 Imaging Summer School was held at the School of Earth Sciences, The University of Melbourne (the home of iolite) on February 15th and 16th.


It was aimed at a very general audience, with a range of experience using LA-ICP-MS from PhD students just starting out to researchers with several years experience, and covered everything from collecting good data (appropriate mass spec and laser settings) through to getting the most from the data using iolite.

We also covered the difference between creating images from selections (the “typical” way of creating images) and CellSpace images, and how you would set up the experiments differently.

We finished up with a discussion of what the future of LA-ICP-MS imaging might look like, including 3D imaging, multi-modal imaging, fast cells combined with Time of Flight instruments and advanced image analysis.

The participants had a range of backgrounds including zoology, archaeology, mining and geosciences, and combined to create a great collaborative atmosphere. So much so, we at iolite can’t wait to run another one, perhaps later this year (please email support@iolite-software.com if you’re interested in attending).

Thanks to all the participants for making it a great couple of days!

The iolite Team