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    Manuel Roman

    Hi all,

    Anybody has use iolite to process and normalize MS/MS analysis or Solution analysis. I have to start using the reaction cell of our Agilent 8800 QQQ to analyze Sulfur isotopes from sulfides and native sulfur but I’m not sure if I could lately treat the data with iolite. Has anybody know something about this? I think some time around I read about the use of iolite for solution mode.

    Thanks a lot in advance


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    Hi Manuel,

    Iolite can be indeed used to reduce data from solution analysis as long as these have been acquired in time resolved mode.

    Let us know if you need more info.



    Ed Hathorne

    Hi everybody,

    I use my Iolite v3.5 with Igor 6.37 to work up time resolved data from online preconcentration ICP-MS performed with an ESI seaFAST and ELement XR.This is good for just getting the average counts for the elution peak but what I would really like is the peak area or just the sum of the counts in the integration window. Is there a DRS out there doing this already that I could modify?



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