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    Hello – I’m using Iolite v2.21 –

    I’ve previously collected trace-element data on an Agilent and had no problems, but just collected a series of trace-element depth profiles on an X-Series and am unable to output each sample as a time series. Typically, I click “export data” and select the sampling frequency of interest, in which case I get a time-series output for each unknown (excluding the primary standard). When I do this with the X-Series data, Iolite shows it is outputting the data and makes new folders for each integration, but the folders contain no data.

    I even went into the X-Series file and reformatted it to look like an Agilent file, but was unsuccessful. I also get the correct time along the x-axis for each wave, so clearly the data are time-referenced – but I can only output averaged data for each shot, rather than subsampling as I would like to do.

    Has anyone encountered this problem with X-Series data?

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    I would recommend to upgrade to the latest iolite version to avoid those issues.

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