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    Barry Shaulis

    Hi, I am getting the following error with VisualAge. I have it installed, but once I try to use the DRS I get the following:
    I am getting an error when I try to use the visual age DRS in Iolite.

    From: VisualAgeDRS.ipf:VADownHoleCurveFit

    The error (line 1632 in the .ipf file): Smooth/M=(abs(FitOutlierTolerance*(ThisWave[p]+ThisWave[p+1]+ThisWave[p-1])/3))/R=(NaN) 9, ThisWave //aiming at only removing spikes. set here at 1.5 times the average value for this portion of the wave (9 point range centered on this point)

    Igor explanation which I cant make heads or tails of:

    P or X used outside of a wave assignment loop
    In Igor Pro 6.3 and later, code of the form:
    wave[index]= <expression using p or x>
    in a user-defined function generates a compile error. For example, this generates a compile error:
    Function func()
    Wave wave0, wave1
    Variable index = 33
    wave0[index]= wave1[p] // error is here
    Prior to Igor7, this error was generated only if rtGlobals=3 was in effect. In Igor7 and later, it is always generated.
    To fix the error, change the wave assignment code to this:
    wave0[index]= wave1[index]

    My set-up is Iolite v.3.63 and Igor 32-bit (Not sure if VizualAge works with Igor 7 or if I need to go back to 6.37)


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    Hi Barry,

    We haven’t tested VizualAge with the latest Igor Pro and iolite versions, so I’m not really sure if it works with Igor Pro 7.

    We do, however, have a fix for the error you are seeing. To incorporate the fix just open the VisualAgeDRS.ipf, then find this line of code:

    Smooth/M=(abs(FitOutlierTolerance*(ThisWave[p]+ThisWave[p+1]+ThisWave[p-1])/3))/R=(NaN) 9, ThisWave

    and replace it with:

    Variable WindowPoints = 3
    Variable OutlierRatioToMedian = 1.5
    Duplicate/O ThisWave, $ioliteDFpath(“temp”,”ThisWaveMedian”)
    Wave ThisWaveMedian = $ioliteDFpath(“temp”,”ThisWaveMedian”)
    Smooth/M=0 WindowPoints, ThisWaveMedian
    ThisWave = (abs(ThisWave[p]-ThisWaveMedian[p]) >= outlierRatioToMedian*ThisWaveMedian[p]) ? NaN : ThisWave[p]

    Then go to File>Save Procedure to save the changes made to the VisualAgeDRS.ipf procedure file.


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