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    Marcel Guillong

    Dear Iolite Team,

    Recently the paper “Community-Derived Standards for LA-ICP-MS U-(Th-)Pb Geochronology – Uncertainty Propagation, Age Interpretation and Data Reporting” was published, suggesting:
    (8) Use ID-TIMS reference ratios (with/without common Pb or 230Th correction as appropriate to the LA data being normalised) specific to the isotope ratio of interest, not an assumed-age equivalent calculated ratio. For most current practices, this entails using ratiospecific reference values without common Pb or 230Th corrections from non-chemically abraded materials.

    In Table 2 there are reference ratios given with and without initial Pb.

    Do you plan to update the standard files distributed with Iolite, and send them to customers? Or do users of Iolite have to be responsible to use the correct reference values?



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    Dr Bence Paul

    Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for your post. This is an important topic and we perhaps should have been more explicit in this regard.

    Users are responsible for the reference values they use. There are too many ways that iolite could mess this up (different values between versions, user alterations to standards etc) and it is too important to blindly leave to the software. Therefore all users are expected to check the values for the reference materials used, and to ensure that they are up to date and correct.

    We have trialled connecting to GeoREM to automatically keep standard files up to date, but given that not all iolite customers use iolite on an internet connected computer, this might lead to customers having a false sense of security thinking that their values are up to date when really they are not.

    Thanks agin for bringing this up.

    If you have any suggestions in this regard, please let us know.

    Best regards,

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