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    David Young

    Hi all
    I’m re-crunching some 2-yr old pxp files, and getting an error I don’t think I’ve seen before in the UPb DRS:
    ** A run-time error occurred within the Data Reduction Scheme “X_U_Pb_Geochron4,” as follows:
    “Interpolate2” gave the error “After preaveraging, there are not enough data points to do the interpolation..”
    In the log box it is “Warning – although excess uncertainties have been calculated using the Z_91500 integration type, only 8 integration periods were available. The suggested minimum is 15”. I have 10 integrations for 91500 std, usually fine.
    DRS isn’t giving any intermediate channels, but some output channels are there (although 207/206Age is way off). These may be corrupted from old outputs? (but resetting exp should fix that?)

    Anyway, thanks for insights.

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