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    Dear Iolite,

    I have been experimenting with the ChannelSettings file that was described in a recent Blog post. Note that the file was not included with the v3.7 download I recently made. I had to go back and get it from v3.6. Just an extra step. I have edited the file to show three channels and I selected the colors successfully. However, the (AxisMinimum, AxisMaximum) fields do not behave properly when I load the file. No matter what I set it at, the auto values are used. I would like to set a scale from -500 to 2000, but Excel would not accept this. I changed the cell from ‘number’ to ‘text’, but still had no luck. I also tried only positive numbers, but still got the auto values.

    Thank you,
    Lisa Stockli

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    Hi Lisa,

    The ChannelSettings file has been included in the iolitev3.7 folder which is available for download as zip file. It won’t be added automatically if upgrading using the ‘Check For Updates’ option from the iolite menu.

    Thanks for reporting the ‘vertical axis extent’ bug. We have found a fix which would be added in the next version release (version>3.7). If you would like a copy of the fix before the next release send us an email to support@iolite-software.com


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