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    Dr Bence Paul

    Please do a quick search of the forum before asking any questions: it may have already been answered, and it will save you some time.

    Please always include what version of iolite and Igor Pro you are using and what platform you are running it on (Mac or PC, Windows 7 or 8, etc?)

    Please include any/all error messages you may have seen. Usually an error message is also printed to the Command Window in Igor. You can view the History Window by pressing Cmd + J (Cntl+J on PC).

    Please include anything remedies you have already tried. It will save you time if you don’t have to wait until we suggestion something you’ve already tried.

    Please be patient! 🙂

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    Riia Chmielowski

    I have a question about the forum itself. I have figured out how to edit my profile, but I can’t find an option to edit the user image that appears to have been applied to my profile. I would be willing to upload a photo, or, if that is only possible for iolite staff, I would settle for selecting from a limited range of options, but I would much rather have something plain and featureless in my favourite colour (which happens to be dark blue) than the yellow (my least favourite colour), unhappy and injured-looking face that was given me. Thanks for any advice you can give about how I can change my profile image.




    Hi Riia,

    Our forum page uses Gravatar to link your profile with an image of your choice. If you want a personalised image in our forum you just need to create your own Gravatar (just make sure you use the same email address).

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