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    Tomas Næraa


    After updating to v3.6 and Igor7.05 I got a problem with the down hole correction windows that opens when running the X_U_Pb_Geochron4 DRS. It is the graphs in the windows that does not update when changing e.g. start/end trim or making manual adjustments to curves. Or it does update the graphs in the first window 206Pb/238U but not in the two last ones. When running the DRS several times it is obvious that the changes made in the window is incorporated in the calculations (e.g. changing start/end trim) it is just not updated in the graphs while it is done.

    I am running Iolite v3.6 on IgorPro7.05 on a PC windows 10


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    Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for reporting this bug. We’ll have a look and send the fix as soon as possible.

    I’ll keep you posted.


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