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    I am trying to use a laser log file for automatic integrations. When I select the log file I receive an error “could not find changes in laser state. Please check the laser state column of the log file. Import aborted”

    There is a laser state column in the csv file with “on” or “off” values.

    This is my first attempt at using a laser log file so I am not certain of the file requirements.

    I am using Chromium 2.2 to export the laser log file. Running Iolite 2.5 on Igor Pro

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    Hi Louise,

    It’s hard to say what the problem is without looking at the data. Could please send us the data files (mass spec data and log file) to support@iolite-software.com?



    Thanks for sending your files.

    I imported your data and tested the log file and I didn’t have any issues. Unfortunately, that means that the issue is that your old iolite version doesn’t support the file format. Solutions to your issue include:
    – upgrade to the lates iolite version (v3.6)
    – use the ‘Detect from beam intensity’ option instead of a log file to define your selections.




    Excellent. Thanks for letting me know.


    Maria Prokopenko

    we are having an identical problem getting the error “could not find changes in laser state. Please check the laser state column of the log file. Import aborted”
    we are running Iolite 6.32 on Igor 6.37, which should be a newer (up-to-date version).
    Tephy, is it ok to send you our files as well? Maybe we are having a different issue than old software.

    Thank you very much in advance,


    Hi Maria,

    Yes, please do send your files to support@iolite-software.com



    Hi all,

    I was also having this issue, I was able to get around it by resetting the experiment a few times.

    Not exactly a definitive solution, but it seems to work for me




    Hi there,

    I am also getting the same error message. I have data from three sessions that I am trying to treat as one experiment (I have successfully done this before). One of the three laser log files is not importing, I get the same error message as above.

    I have tried resetting the experiment many times, starting Igor again, starting the entire experiment again, updating Iolite, none of these are working.

    It would be a hassle to have to use Detect from Beam Intensity, because I have across the three sessions over 140 unknowns. I need to be able to import the sample and reference material names.

    I have also tried treating the one session with issues as one experiment on its own and the laser log file still won’t import.

    I am using Igor Pro 6.37 and Iolite v 3.32.

    Any suggestions for what else I can try?

    Many thanks,


    Hi Kirsty,

    The issue reported above happened because the log files were created using ESI’s Active View software in ‘raster’ mode. In this mode the log file records only one laser ON event at the start of the run regardless on the number of lines in the pattern, which iolite will interpret as a single line scan. This issue was resolved by using the ‘line’ mode to set up the individual traverses, as in this mode each line is marked by laser ON and OFF events.

    If the above is not the issue you are having please check the timestamp format of the conflicting log file using a text editor (e.g.Notepad, but don’t use Excel) and compare it to the timestamp format of a log file that can be opened by iolite. It could be that the format of the timestamp was modified by opening/saving the log file using Excel.
    If the timestamp formats are different, then you will have to get another copy of the original log file (before changes).




    Hi Tephy,

    I checked the timestamps of the files and yes, I think that is the issue. I think the original broken log file must have been accidentally opened/saved at some point in Excel unfortunately. We will take care to not do this again!

    Thanks for your help.


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