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    When I try to create a CellSpace image and I want to overlay the results on a mapped image, I get the error:
    “This function can only handle strict Igor Names. You requested: x_CB9-11_IMG01Coord_Wave”
    I am using the Analyte Excite laser (Teledyne) + Element2 ICPMS (Thermo), I have the log file, the image named “CB9-11_Img01_Mapped.png” and also the coordinate file “CB9-11_Img01.Coord”, all in the same folder.
    Do you have any idea what is the issue with strict Igor Names?

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    Hi Jana,

    That error message appears when a channel/wave name goes over 31 characters in length (a limit imposed by Igor, not iolite). The file names are below this limit before importing, but you have to consider that iolite has to tag on the name to create unique channel names and this will increase their length.

    A way to get around this is to change the file names from “CB9-11_Img01_Mapped.png” and “CB9-11_Img01.Coord” to “CB9-11_1_Mapped.png” and “CB9-11_1.Coord”.


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