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    Jared Wesley Singer


    I was peeking around in the “…Igor Procedures\IoliteApplication” folder. I clicked on one or two of the .ipf files and closed again, without any editing or saving. Immediately I get the following error and cannot recover the normal behavior by restarting or reopening:

    Function Compilation Error
    got”ListDRSfilesFromDisk” instead of string variable or function name
    Error in Application Globals.ipf: InitializeDisplays
    String/G $ioliteDFpath(“integration”,”S_ListOfDRSfiles”) = ListDRSfilesFromDisc()

    Any suggestions?

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    Jared Wesley Singer

    From Above: Iolite v3.5 Igor v6.37



    Try running the ‘Run me to install this version.pxp’ file to fix the iolite shortcuts.

    Please let me know how it goes…


    Jared Wesley Singer

    Thanks Tephy! Very easy solution.



    Hi all

    I’m experiencing a very similar issue. When I open up a saved .pxp file an error pops up titled “Procedure Scan Error”
    -include file not found

    error in ProcedureBrowser.ipf.?
    with highlighted text: #include <SaveResoreWindowCoords>
    with an option to “quit scan” and “explain error”

    the explain error takes me to another tab which states:
    “Include file not found
    There are four legal ways to construct an include statement”:
    #include <fileNameStr > // Igor searches for file in the “WaveMetrics Procedures”
    // folder and all subfolders

    #include “fileNameStr ” // Igor searches for file in
    // “Igor Pro 7 Folder/User Procedures” and in
    // “Igor Pro User Files/User Procedures” and in
    // all subfolders

    #include “full File Path ” // the file is completely specified. For example:
    // “Hard Disk:Desktop Folder:Proc0”

    #include “:partial File Path ” // the file is specified starting from the Igor folder.
    // For example: “:Spectroscopy Procedures:Voight Procs”

    I’m unsure how this helps me and how I can fix this issue
    If i select quit scan, and proceed to select a different window on the Iolite interface a second warning comes up saying

    Function Execution Error
    While executing a control’s action, the following error occured: you need to compile the procedure windows before you use controls.

    I hope all of this makes sense.

    Cheers, Oli

    iolite_v3.63 and IgorPro 7.07 64bit


    Hi Oli,

    This seems to be a typo.
    To fix it, next time that the Procedure Scan Error window appears change the name SaveResoreWindowCoords to SaveRestoreWindowCoords
    Then click Retry and once iolite has finished loading go to the iolite menu (top menu bar) and select “Reset Experiment”.



    Hi Tephy

    Apologies, that was a typo on my end when I was typing out the question
    the error does come up with the code #include <SaveRestoreWindowCoords>

    When the message first pops up it’s unable to be edited with the only options being “quit scan” or “explain error”, and no option for “retry”. I’ve tried pressing ctrl+m to get up the procedure tab and have typed in this code and pressing compile but nothing happens after other than the “edit procedure” button being available but still not the “retry” button.

    We’ve tried opening up the procedurebrowser.ipf file under WaveMetrics Procedures > Utilities and looking at the code to see if anything was corrupt or accidentally edited but couldn’t see any immediate problems.

    At this stage we’re assuming that is must be a bug on IgorPros end and maybe the best option is too fully uninstall and re-install IgorPro (but have to wait for University IT to give me premission).

    Regards, Oli

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    Hi Oli,
    Yes, it seems that some of the Igor Pro procedure files have been modified. As you said, the best option would be to reinstall Igor Pro. You can also try upgrading to Igor Pro 7.08 as no uninstall is needed before the upgrade.

    Let me know how that goes…

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