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    Jared Wesley Singer


    I was peeking around in the “…Igor Procedures\IoliteApplication” folder. I clicked on one or two of the .ipf files and closed again, without any editing or saving. Immediately I get the following error and cannot recover the normal behavior by restarting or reopening:

    Function Compilation Error
    got”ListDRSfilesFromDisk” instead of string variable or function name
    Error in Application Globals.ipf: InitializeDisplays
    String/G $ioliteDFpath(“integration”,”S_ListOfDRSfiles”) = ListDRSfilesFromDisc()

    Any suggestions?

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    Jared Wesley Singer

    From Above: Iolite v3.5 Igor v6.37



    Try running the ‘Run me to install this version.pxp’ file to fix the iolite shortcuts.

    Please let me know how it goes…


    Jared Wesley Singer

    Thanks Tephy! Very easy solution.

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