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    David Young

    Hi Tephy
    I’ve found a couple of bugs after updating to v.3.65 (on Igor 6.37, Mac OS High Sierra). Exporting the .txt data file from Iolite produces random values for the time column (cycles randomly throughout the same range of values for all samples). If you break out the timestamp from the DateTime column though it works fine. I will email you a copy.
    2nd error is I can’t get the mass spec syncing to work. I’m syncing NuPlasma UPb data with Agilent TE, and the NuPlasma data are loaded first (and it seems y’all have switched the NuP shortcut header? now mass_detector, used to be other way around). The Agilent data import fine and are slightly offset, but when I run the mass spec syncing routine (master = NuP m238, adjusted = AGL Si or Zr) it returns an error:
    The procedure “Start_MSS()” aborted with the following message… (Full RT stack is: Butt_MSS_Go;Start_MSS;)
    “Could not find the master channel or its associated time wave. Process aborted.”
    I’ll email the pxp file.

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    We found a fix to these issues (thanks Dave for the example data!). The fix will be available in the next release (v3.66).

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