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    Huiqing Huang


    I have a Varian .prn file which contains duplicate Th232 analyses. when I try to import the data, a new window named “loading delimited text” pops out (see image attached). This is quite useful as it allows you to skip some useless isotopes. How could I manually open this window? Would there be any problem then with data reduction if I choose to skip some useless isotopes (e.g., Si29 during U-Pb reduction).

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    Huiqing Huang

    How could I attach a photo from my disk drive?


    Hi Huiqing,

    The ‘loading delimited text’ appears in this case because there’s a conflict with the wave names caused by the duplicate Th232 data columns. It would not be useful to try to open that window manually since the operation that calls it is just a small step in the large code used by iolite to import your data correctly.

    Other than making the list of channels a bit longer, having unused channels (such as Si29 during U-Pb reduction as in your example) is not a big issue since they are not used by the DRS and thus they don’t slow down the crunching time. It could actually be good to keep those channels as you might want to use them later on.

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