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    Connor Lawrence

    I am having an issue on my Mac. The program seems to run everything fine until I decide to export the data. Every time I export, I receive a notification (I believe from Igor Pro) that says “User cancelled the data export by segment operation. No data were saved.” Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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    We haven’t found a fix to this issue yet (sorry about that!), but we are working on it.

    Meanwhile the following workaround will allow you to export your data:
    1. Go to the iolite menu and select Export Data
    2. In the Exports Settings window select ‘Custom’ from the ‘Select waves to export’ drop-down menu. Then click on Continue.
    3. Then click on the Use Default button of the Output Selection Dialog window.
    4. You should be prompted to select a location to save the exported data.

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