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    Huiqing Huang

    Hi there,

    I have a problem when I use UPb_commonapproach to reduce apatite U-Pb data. I used Madagascar apatite as the primary standard for downhole fractionation correction and NIST612 to do the 207Pb/206Pb correction. Everything looked normal, but I got Madagascar age of ~970 Ma, which is much older than its true age of 474 Ma. I have tried to use “observed slope” to do the 207Pb/206Pb correction. A somewhat younger age was returned (for Madagascar), but it was still not quite right.
    I have also tried with VisualAge_UcomPbine. No problem with this DRS.

    Does anyone know why UPb_commonapproach would return a wrong age for the primary standard?


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    Huiqing Huang

    Is it because that Madagascar is homogeneous, so that only single value (instead of reference values) should be used?



    Hi Huiqing,

    Not really sure why you are getting wrong results. Would you mind sending us the experiment file, as well as the Madagascar standard file, to support@iolite-software.com so we can have a look?


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