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    Will Amidon


    We are using the mapping function in Iolite version 3 with a laser log file imported from an NWR 213 laser. We are having trouble manually aligning the laser log file with the data intensity plot during the ‘automatic selections’ process.

    We go to automatic selections and choose ‘laser log file’ and then the new window pops up showing the laser log time series and the measured intensity data. We manually drag the laser log data to overlay on the intensity data, but are having trouble getting perfect alignment. When the integrations are assigned they are badly offset, which ultimately creates offset images (I think).

    Is there any way to zoom in on the alignment plot so we can visually verify that the two data sets are properly aligned? Currently our plot is zoomed out so we see 5 hours of data at once! Are there other workarounds? The two datasets do seem to be snapping to each other a bit, but are not always creating the correct match.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Hi Will,

    You can zoom in by holding down the mouse button and dragging to define a marquee on the area of interest, and then right-clicking within that area to bring up the zoom options menu.


    Will Amidon

    Thank you very much Tephy, i will give that a try!

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